Bachelor of Business administration is a three year full time programme of the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University to groom globally competitive high quality professionals through intensive training and to sharpen skills in business administration with the aid of upgraded curriculum. It aims at developing students’ managerial skills, intellectual abilities, overall personality and inculcating good values through an appropriate blend of value education, co-curricular activities, personality development and stress management workshops. After graduation, the student can opt for higher education like MBA, and all other professional courses in management or go for employment in various fields. There is lot of scope for self-employment too specially in small-scale sectors.


Bachelor of Business administration is one of the most popular courses of GGSIP University, which provides an overview of business management in a nutshell. Though it does not offer specialization but has a vast scope. It helps to lay down a good foundation for MBA, provide students an insight into career openings and enlighten them about alternative options. A Business administration graduate can opt for a good managerial position in any of the business organizations. It can be a manufacturing company, FMCG industry, export or trading houses, NGO’s, PSU’s or any other multinational corporations.


The BBA (General) Programme aims at developing student’s inherent traits and make them aware of the latest trends in the market so that they become globally competitive and above all be good citizens. The specific objectives of the programme are:-

  • To provide budding managers with the high quality and globally competitive skills.
  •   To produce highly competitive managers for corporate requirements.
  • To provide a wide variety of professional development programme in order to groom students for future.
  • To provide academic advising and placement to make the students capable of career advancement.
  • To make them gain practical knowledge in all the fields to make them efficient and effective managers.

Classroom Teaching

  • Exposure beyond books: Special emphasis is laid on the practical training of students by organizing industrial visits, seminars, and guest lectures by corporate bigwigs.
  • Grooming Personal Skills: Special personality grooming exercises such as extempore, debates, group discussions, role playing exercises are introduced to students, which are pre-requisite to put up the best performance.
  • Personal mentoring by Gurus: The distinguish faculty members provided individual attention to the students to identify their weak areas and guide them to overcome them.


Practical aspects like Training and Development and preparation of Project Reports are the essential requirements of every management student irrespective of the specialization they opt for. Our BBA – IV Semester students undergo summer training in various organizations. The main objective of summer training is to provide the students proper industry exposure in various disciplines of management in accordance with the interest of the students. They take this assignment during the summer vacation after IVth semester in the months of June and July of every academic year and the summer training report is evaluated in the Vth semester. Apart from summer training report, students are required to work on two project reports, namely Minor Project Report & finally another Project Report, which would be evaluated in the IIIrd and VIth semesters respectively.

The college has a well equipped air-conditioned modern computer lab with latest machines having licensed softwares of Windows-2003, Windows XP, Microsoft Office XP, Norton Anti Virus 2005, Quark, Photoshop, Page-maker, Corel Draw, Microsoft back-office Server, Visual Studio, FPGA-mentor Graphics etc. The existing Computer Lab is having a number of ultra modern computers connected through LAN and having a provision for further expansion in the near future. The College has a leased line with high-speed bandwidth to provide round the clock Internet access to students to enable them to remain connected with the information superhighway. Each computer has separate power back up.The Computer Lab is also equipped with LCD Projector and Screen.

Syllabus - Semester Examination

Code Paper Type L T/P Credits
101 Management Process & Organizational Behaviour Core 4 - 4
103 Business Mathematics Core 4 - 4
105 Financial Accounting & Analysis Core 4 - 4
107 Business Economics Core 4 - 4
109 IT applications in Business Skill Enhancement 3 - 3
111 IT applications in Business-Lab Skill Enhancement - 2 1
113 Entrepreneurial Mindset (NUES) Ability Enhancement 2 - 2
Total 21 2 22
Code Paper Type L T/P Credits
102 Cost Accounting Core 4 - 4
104 Decision Techniques for Business Core 4 - 4
106 Business Environment Core 4 - 4
108 E-Commerce Skill Enhancement 3 - 3
110 Business Communication Ability Enhancement 3 - 3
112 E-Commerce Lab Skill Enhancement - 2 1
114 Minor Project-I Skill Enhancement - - 3
116 MOOC* Ability Enhancement - - 3
Total 18 2 25
Code Paper Type L T/P Credits
201 Business Laws Core 4 - 4
203 Marketing Management Core 4 - 4
205 Human Resource Management Core 4 - 4
207 Management Accounting Core/Skill Enhancement 4 - 4
209 Production and Operations Management Core/Interdisciplinary 3 - 3
211 Business Research Methodology Skill Enhancement 3 - 3
213 Business Research Methodology Lab Skill Enhancement - 4 2
215 NSS/NCC/NSO/others as notified by the university (NUES*) Ability Enhancement 2 - 2
217 Environmental Studies Interdisciplinary 4 - 4
Total 28 4 30
*NUES: Non University Examination System
Code Paper Type L T/P Credits
202 Business Analytics Ability Enhancement 4 - 4
204 Financial Management Core/Skill Enhancement 4 - 4
206 Corporate Governance, Ethics & Social Responsibility of Business Core/ Interdisciplinary 4 - 4
208 Income Tax Law and Practice Skill Enhancement /Interdisciplinary Course 4 - 4
210 MOOC* Ability Enhancement - - 3
Elective I (one paper to be selected from the list of electives) Discipline Specific Electives 4 - 4
218 Minor Project -II Skill Enhancement - - 3
Total 20 - 26
List of Elective-I:
BBA-212 Training and Development
BBA-214 Sales Management
BBA-216 Financial Markets and Institutions
Code Paper Type L T/P Credits
301 Goods and Services Tax Skill Enhancement 3 - 3
303 Business Policy and Strategy Core 3 - 3
305 Information Systems Management Skill Enhancement 3 - 3
307 Information Systems Management Lab Skill Enhancement - 4 2
Elective II (one elective to be selected from the list of electives) Discipline Specific Elective 4 - 4
315 Summer Training Report Skill Enhancement - - 4
Total 13 4 19
List of Elective-II:
BBA-309 Marketing Analytics
BBA-311 Performance Management
BBA-313 Financial Modeling
Code Paper Type L T/P Credits
302 Project Management Core 3 - 3
304 Digital Marketing Skill Enhancement 4 - 4
Elective III* (one elective to be selected from the list of electives) Discipline Specific Elective 4 - 4
312 Entrepreneurship Development Interdisciplinary 3 - 3
314 Major Project Skill Enhancement - - 6
Total 14 - 20
List of Electives-III:
BBA-306 HR Analytics
BBA-308 Advertising and Sales Promotion
BBA-310 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management